8 Parent Tips for Finding Great Bassinet Prams

Bassinet prams offer comprehensive protection for a child as they stroll out to the park or downtown.

This is why parents find them such a valuable commodity, allowing them to experience the outdoors without being subjected to the outside glare.

To point mums and dads in the right direction with this search, we have narrowed down 8 practical tips.


1) Community Trusted Pram Provider

The very first step that parents should take when identifying bassinet prams is buying from a reputable outlet. Shoppers can run an online check for suppliers in their local area, determining if the major retail chains or independent stores are better placed to offer real value for the consumer. The ratings and reviews will be indicative of their quality and the reputation is given to them by community members.


2) Adjustable Settings

As the son or daughter grows over time and while different parents or grandparents are using bassinet prams, it is nice to know that the item has adjustable settings to meet those needs. A reclining backrest will also be more preferable for those who want their child to get some sleep as they stroll along the footpath. If these actions are a struggle or difficult to follow, then another brand should be examined instead.


3) Identifying 3 or 4-Wheel Suitability

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to three or four-wheel bassinet prams for customers. Some will find the ease of movement with the three-wheel brands as a key selling point while others will be concerned that they happen to tip over slightly more than four-wheel designs and that extra safety is beneficial. Parents will come across these options at local stores, so it is worthwhile considering this point in more detail.


4) Easy to Transport

In many cases, mums and dads will be picking up and transporting bassinet prams for trips in the car. This is an exercise that will be dictated by the weight of the product and its ability to collapse and expand at the user’s discretion. If the folding mechanisms are easy to action and the logistics of shifting the bassinet from the car to the sidewalk, then it will be a valuable asset to have.


5) Working Within a Specified Budget

Bassinet prams can be sourced from as little as $100 retail for the absolute cheapest of designs but marketed upwards of $400 for top of the line materials. Clearly there is a sweet spot for shoppers who don’t want to shortchange their child but cannot splash out on an expensive item either. By identifying a monetary figure, the search becomes easier to execute no matter what type of store they are dealing with.


6) Extra Safety Features Included

Prams in this market can extend a number of key safety features to give mums and dads real peace of mind. There are brake lock applications that will put a stop on the item when rolling down the sidewalk. Shoulder straps and harness points will keep the child secure at all times while the front bar will allow them to hold onto the pram as it is moving. Many of these features are commonplace but if there is concern about safety, it is worthwhile seeing how far they will extend.


7) Sun Coverage & Aesthetics

baby inside a baby pram

There is not one kind of colour with these items that will offer more coverage for the child, but this is a decision that will come down to aesthetics. From the cool to the neutral and warm tones that are on display, this is a subjective decision for the consumer. But these designs should offer comprehensive coverage from the sun, ensuring they are subjected to the type of glare and sunlight that becomes an issue for their skin and their vision.


8) Personal Referrals

One of the best methods to fast-tracking the search for quality bassinet prams is to ask for referrals and recommendations from others. If other family members, friends, or colleagues are happy with their investment, that could settle the decision once and for all.