Best Places For Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is certainly becoming a lot more popular these days. More and more people are turning to artificial turf and it does have its benefits compared to that of typical grass. There are a lot of different places you can purchase artificial turf in Sydney which are getting close to looking like the real thing.

There are a number of different positives and negatives to artificial turf, so if you have decided that you are going to go with artificial turf, the next step is to think about where you are going to put it. The great thing about artificial grass is that it can actually go in a lot more places the normal grass.

So, have a read on below at some of the best places for artificial grass to make any space more unique:


Between Pavers

If you have pavement in your front or back yard, this could be a good place for a bit of artificial turf. It is a great way to break up space, as pavement can be quite hard and cold. If you have smaller pavers (like in little squares) it could also be fun to place artificial grass in between.

Placing fake grass in this area can be very beneficial as it can be difficult to get to that lawn with a lawnmower. So, you’ll be able to get the same look and feel as normal grass without the pain of having to mow in a really difficult place every now and again, which can be a truly time-consuming job.



More people are now living in apartments, which can be difficult because you don’t technically have a backyard. While real grass wouldn’t work at all on a balcony, synthetic grass will! Balconies are usually made with concrete and can look unappealing to go out on.

This is where artificial turf comes in, it along with some nice outdoor furniture, can really add some character and depth to your limited outdoor space. Artificial grass also feels really good on your feet, so it adds more texture and hopefully creates a more inviting space that people will want to sit at.


Play Time

Artificial turf is great for younger kids who like to play outside. You don’t have to worry about them eating any of the grass or ruining it by pulling out patches. Fake turf is also strong enough to deal with a high level of foot traffic or for playtime, like having a swing set on top of it.

The grass is strong, but also soft enough that it won’t hurt your feet or knees when you play on it. If your artificial grass is going to be built for this purpose, it is a good idea to keep it out of places that get direct sun for extended periods of time. This is because the grass absorbs the heat and can make it quite hot and uncomfortable to touch.


Cover Furniture

This is something a little bit out there, but you should also consider covering any outdoor furniture with artificial turf as something new to spice up your outdoor space. Things like ottomans and outdoor cushions are perfect for this type of task and it can really bring something unique to the table that people will find interesting.


Also, the fabric used for artificial grass tends to be a lot stronger compared to other fabrics used in outdoor furniture. This means the pieces covered in artificial grass might actually last longer as it has the ability to deal with the outdoor elements much better.