How to choose your child’s scooter?

A scooter is a significant asset in the learning of balance and therefore ideal for developing the motor skills of your child. But the problem is the incredible number of scooters available on the market, which can destabilize you a little when you choose.

So I suggest you some things to consider before buying the scooter you want to give your child.

The different models of scooters

There are many types of scooters: ride, evolution, freestyle and electric.

The ride scooter

A ride scooter is more suitable for everyday use, and can be used as a means of transportation, especially in the city.

The evolutionary scooter

The scalable scooter allows adjustment of the height of the handlebars depending on the size of your child.

The freestyle scooter

It is recommended for a sport of scooters, especially in skateparks. They are also specially designed to offer a quality weight / strength for the realization of figures.

The electric scooter

The electric scooter is a motorized vehicle that has a variable autonomy depending on the models. Practical and manageable, this type of equipment is an ecological and fun means of transport.

The number of wheels

Also note that scooters do not all have the same number of wheels! There are scooters 2 wheels, 3 wheels and 4 wheels. The 3 and 4 wheels are recommended for the youngest beginners (up to 4 years generally). Then a 2-wheel model can normally suffice.

The size of the wheels varies too! Larger and thicker wheels may be preferred if your grassy trotter is riding on terrain that is not flat or even enough.

The size and age of the child

Not all scooters are suitable for everyone and, like many other vehicles, they are available for every age group. This must be respected for the sake of the child who will use it.

Indeed, it is very important that the scooter can easily support the size and weight of the child when playing with his scooter. Do not hesitate to check the characteristics of the scooter before stopping your choice on a model that seems interesting.

Security devices

The scooter must, as a bonus, have a reliable and efficient braking system. Similarly, for a toddler, it is best to rely on a model with 3 to 4 wheels to give it some stability.


The ABEC standard is a reliable indicator of the rotational speed of bearings. It is advisable to favor models of type ABEC 5 at least. Below, you may suffer from slow gliding. The higher the standard, the better the gliding comfort.

The hardness of the wheels

This criterion is also very important because it determines the quality of the grip of the scooter. The hardness of the wheels is characterized by the letter A, which is associated with a number.


The quality of the suspensions absorbs the vibrations felt during use.